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Comish Hall Event Center is the perfect location for weddings, banquets, corporate meetings, dances and parties.  When renting the Event Center, you will have access to the restrooms, kitchen and outside Square (yard between Comish Hall and Axline Gymnasium).  160 mahogany wooden chiavari chairs and 20 5ft round tables (seating 8) are included with your rental of the Event Center.



Comish Hall includes access to designated areas on the property of Albion Campus Retreat.  You and your guests need to respect those designated areas and stay only on property included with your rental.  During your stay, you have exclusive use of Comish Hall and the designated grounds.   Miller Hall is a separate lodging facility located on Albion Campus Retreat.  Please be respectful of guests staying at this facility and remain off the grounds of Miller Hall.


To book venue 30% of the total is collected, which is applied to the balance. A $500 refundable damage/alcohol deposit is required of all reservations.  30% of this deposit will be collected at time of booking the remainder due with final balance. Damage deposit is refundable upon no damages or excessive clean up.



Wedding bookings are set for a 12-hour block.  This means you rent the facility for any 12-hour time frame you wish, as long as set up and take down is all included in the time frame.  Failure to vacate the property by your time frame will result in additional fees.  The latest hour allowed at Comish Hall is 11 PM.  Plan to have your event done by no later than 10 PM to ensure time for clean-up.  Non-wedding bookings may be booked on a per hour basis with a minimum fee. If events go over time agreed and contracted for  there is an additional $50 per ½ hour over charge.



Garbage must be placed in provided trash bags and canisters and placed outside of the kitchen entrance.  Kitchen will be cleaned and left as it was at your arrival.  Dishes must be washed and put away and floor swept.  Event room floor must be swept with provided large dust mop.  Do not use any water or mop the floors. We will take care of mopping.  All decorations must be taken down and removed from the premise.  Chairs must be stacked 3 high against wall in event room.  Tables must be rolled and stacked against walls. 



No smoking is allowed inside the Event Center.  Smoking outside, and not near open doorways or windows is allowed.  Do not dispose of cigarette buds on the grounds.  Place buds in provided garbage canisters. Alcohol is allowed for events ONLY with a licensed alcohol vendor.  You will need to provide contact and verification of licensed alcohol vendor before your event.  No glass alcohol bottles are allowed.  No selling of alcohol is allowed on the premise.  A designated representative from your event must ensure that your guest’s behavior do not become destructive and violent in nature.  Any behavior observed or reported due to over consumption of alcohol will be subject to early termination of your event. 



Glitter and confetti are not allowed.  Candles must be placed in hurricane holder or candle vase.  Whatever decorations you bring on the premise must be completely cleaned up and removed.  You are responsible for taking down anything you put up.  Also, you must put back any furniture or items that were moved or altered while at your event.  We are not responsible for any items left or lost by you or your guests. 



You or your caterer may bring food to Comish Hall.  A full commercial kitchen is provided for cooking or keeping warm.  A full list of supplies is provided. 



Animals are not allowed on the property but special considerations may be made if they are part of the wedding party.



Comish Hall Event Center has a designated parking area. Guests must turn into Water Tower Ln. off the Highway to access the Event Center.  Parking is not allowed in Miller Hall’s parking lot unless previous arraignments are made, or a rental is involved.  We have provided signs that direct your guests to the parking area.  The kitchen has a separate access and parking area.  This parking area is only for event planners, caterers and guests that are involved with set up and clean up. 



When booking your event, a 30% deposit of the total is required.  This is non-refundable unless we are able to re-book your date.  The balance is due 90 days prior to your event for summer and fall events and 30 days prior for the spring and winter.  If you cancel your event within 90 days it becomes non-refundable unless we are able to re-book. 


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